Sangiovese Harvest 2015

Where has this week gone?
Hooley Dooley its been a quick one.

One minute Im out gallivanting and taking pics in the vineyard and then the next minute its the weekend already and we are about to embark on a harvest yet again.

Actions do speak louder then words thankfully and with that I present the Sangiovese Harvest from last weekend.

It was sunny and warm. The grapes were juicy, juicy, the harvest bountiful and the company; well, that was the best overall.

Thanks to all who assisted on the day and bring on the next vintage of Sangiovese!!
Its International Happiness Day today just in case you didn't know.
Co-incidentally Ive got wine up to my eyeballs ready to get sipping on this evening.
The Shiraz is also coming off the vines on Sunday and Im dreaming of it Sparkling in my glass. Thats enough to make anyone happy Id say.
I am very happy.

Whats floating your boat?
Whats making you happy people?

Thanks for visiting today! Elisha xx

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